Best Face Oil for Dry Skin – Kathy’s Top 5 Reviews

Skin texture differs from person to person. That’s why some people have dry skin. But some others have oily skin.

It differs from each other because of the genetic change. Some other factors like a living place, environment, region, etc. can affect the alteration of skin as well.

However, you have to take care of your skin if you want to keep it lovely for a long time. And you have to take care much if your skin texture is dry.

Usually, dry skin has a lack of moisture that makes it rough. You can’t alter your skin overnight. Therefore, it needs regular care.

Also, it requires a formula that can moisture the dry skin and lessen the roughness. That’s why you can pick the best face oil for dry skin.

It will keep your skin soft by moisturizing it. It also reduces dryness from your skin and provides you a healthy skin.

In this article, we have provided the best five face oils that are suggested for dry skin. Just check the article thoroughly. You will get your required item.

Who we are and how we picked these 5 products?


We are a team with a combination of experts. We study different beauty products and find out the best items.

Based on expert’s opinions and research, different products are effective for different skin textures. The best one for oily skin does not work properly on dry skin.

A product that works well on the normal skin texture can negatively affect the sensitive skin texture.

Now, we have carefully researched different types of face oils and gathered some amazing face oils from prominent brands. We also provided the best face oil for dry faces.

Hence, after going through this article, you will find your necessary face oil. Additionally, the following section will resolve the inquiry and confusion if you have any.

Best Face Oil for Dry Skin

1. How to apply oil to the face?

Applying oil to the face is not a hard nut to crack. You just need extra care for using face oil. Before you put a face oil, clean the skin using a face cleanser or a face wash.

After that, wipe the face properly. Now your face is ready for the next process.

Take a few drops of facial oil on your palms and warm it using your both hand. Then apply the oil on your face evenly. You can apply a bit of face oil on your neck as well.

However, mix the face oil softly and properly all over the skin. Just remember one thing, you should always start with a little amount. Because you can use much if you need it after the first application.

Additionally, blending a good toner with face oil increases the value of both items. It is also useful for rejuvenating dry skin cells.

Thus, you can mix a toner and face oil before applying it. You will undoubtedly like it.

2. How to clean your face with oil?

Cleaning your face with oil is an easy process. After spending a long and tiresome day, there remains a lot of dirt on your skin.

Before washing the skin with a face cleanser, face wash, or face soap, apply a few drops of oil on the skin and massage it properly.

It melts the makeover and accumulates the pollutants on the face. After that, wipe your oily skin with facial tissue or apply warm water to remove the oily texture and accumulated debris.

You can use a face cleansing formula after cleaning your face with oil. It will appropriately clean your skin and make sure that no germs remain there.

3. When to apply face oil?

As facial oils are prepared for dry skin textures, you can apply them anytime you need them. But the perfect time for applying face oil is before you go to bed.

It works better at night time as the oil remains on the face overnight. If you regularly apply face oil at night, it will soften your skin, soothe irritation, oxygenate skin cells, and make the skin healthy and smooth. You can wash your face oil in the morning too.

In addition to bedtime, face oil is good for wearing before you apply a makeover. Makeup materials get blended with the skin appropriately once you put a bit of face oil on the dry skin. Also, you can apply facial oil before using sunscreen.

4. What does face oil do?

Face oils are the skincare product that is required for dry skin. Face oil adds moisture to the dry skin. It decreases dead cells and oxygenates the skin.

It also soothes dry skin from irritation by removing itching effects. Moreover, non-comedogenic face oil decreases the looks of the pores from dry sensitive skin.

Face oils additionally provide healthy and nourishing skin with regular application. It maintains the balance of the dry skin by providing the necessary nourishment.

Also, face oil evens the uneven skin tone. Besides, it gives a vibrant appearance to dry and pale skin.

5. How to use face oil with foundation?

Answer: A face oil is perfect for use before you apply a foundation. A facial oil makes dry skin soft and moisturized.

Thus, it needs to be applied initially before you wear any makeup. In this way, it will work as a base or moisturizer.

However, to use a facial oil with foundation, you can follow the following tips:

  • Clean your face using a good face wash or face cleanser to remove the debris from the skin.
  • After that, apply the facial oil on the face and neck and blend it smoothly.
  • Then use a foundation that is made for dry skin. It will get mixed properly on the moisturized skin.
  • After that, you can wear the makeup materials as usual.

Face Oil vs Moisturizer

Facial oil is different from a moisturizer. Face oils are made with different types of formula including oil. It is especially good for dry skin.

Usually, dry skins are quite sensitive. There happens an itching problem on the dry face that is very irritating. Dry skin cells have lack hydration and oxygenation.

A face oil thus maintains the balance of dry skin by hydrating the skin. It also helps to soothe skin irritation and itching effect.

On the other hand, a moisturizer is prepared with different types of moisturizing ingredients. It’s also good for different types of skin textures.

A moisturizer makes the skin smooth and keeps it healthy. It saves the skin from being too rough to create any further irritation.

Face Oil vs Night Cream

There are so many items for skincare that things become very confusing when it is time to apply more than one item at a time. So, let’s discuss two of the items of skincare, face oil and night cream.

Face oil is applied for softening dry skin. It makes the skin refreshed and moistures the skin with its oily texture.

It also helps to keep the outside part of the skin soft and strong. You can thus use a face oil before using a night cream.

On the other hand, a night cream is used for formulating the skin with a long-time formula. It is prepared for use at night before you go to bed.

After having a lengthy day, your skin loses its natural beauty. The application of a night cream rejuvenates your skin.

It also recollects the lost beauty of your face. You can easily apply a night cream after applying face oil.

Face Oil for Dry Acne-prone Skin

Face oil works as a tonic for dry acne-prone skin. Researches on dry acne-prone skins have shown that a good quality face oil does not clog the pores of the skin.

On the other hand, it decreases the appearance of the pores and scars of acne. It also makes the dry skin fresh and healthy.

Dry skin requires such face oil that is full of oleic acid. It moistures the skin and keeps the essential balance of oil of the dry skin.

You can apply marula oil and almond oil. Because these elements are good for sensitive and dry skin. Also, researchers have suggested that these oils are effective for dry acne-prone skins.

Additionally, you can apply moringa and aloe vera gel. These ingredients have powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can soften dry skin.

Face Oil for Dry and Sensitive Skin

Dry skins are usually sensitive. They need extra care because of their sensitivity. In this case, face oils work as a skin-soothing formula for dry and sensitive skin.

Because face oils are formulated with different types of oils like olive oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, etc. These ingredients have a positive effect on dry and sensitive skin.

Face oils make dry skin soft and healthy. It lessens the pores of the skin and reduces acne scars. It also oxygenates dry skin by removing dead cells.

Face oils soothe the skin from the irritation that happens because of the dryness of the skin. Therefore, face oil is an amazing item for keeping the balance of dry and sensitive skin.

Our Recommendation

Product Reviews of the Best Face Oil for Dry Skin

Check out the following products. All of these face oils are great for dry skin. You just need to pick one.

1. StriVectin Advanced Retinol Star Light Night Oil with Squalance, Improves Skin Texture, Wrinkles, Firmness, and Dehydration, 1 Fl Oz

Advanced Retinol is a fantastic night oil manufactured by StriVectin. It is manufactured with a danger-free vegan formula that is an effective solution for making dry skins smooth and firm. It also goes with all skin tones.

This skin-softening face oil keeps the limitation of sensitivity. Thus, your dry skin won’t be too oily. This night oil won’t create any irritation to the skin.

Instead, it will provide a moisturized skin and decrease the fine lines of the skin.

This face oil includes a formula of squalance oil that makes the skin strong. Just apply a bit of toner or serum before you use this face oil.

After that, blend the oil evenly with the skin. If you keep it overnight, it will work much better.

1. Perfect for dry skin.
2. Develops skin texture.
3. Decrease dehydrated form of skin.
4. Goes with all skin tones.
5. Lessens early wrinkles.
6. Makes skin smooth and firm.
1. It is not good for oily skin.

Why you should buy this

  • This oil is an amazing formula for dry skin.
  • It can even an uneven skin tone.

2. Ogee Jojoba Glow Face Oil

Jojoba Glow is a skin-correcting face oil that is manufactured by Ogee. It is prepared with cent percent natural ingredients that do not contain any danger or side effects. It goes with every skin tone and develops the skin texture.

The organic components of this oil even the uneven skin tones and provides a glowing appearance. Antioxidants of this face oil renovate the dry skin cells. Also, its essential oils remove the pores of the skin and make it strong.

This oil includes an anti-aging formula. It rejuvenates the skin with its moisturized ingredients and lessens the fine lines and wrinkles. It oil does not clog the skin’s pores. It won’t create any irritation as it absorbs swiftly to the skin.

1. It goes with all types of skin.
2. Provides firm skin.
3. Makes the skin look vibrant.
4. Evens the uneven skin tone.
5. Removes the dead cells.
6. Goes with different skin tones.
1. This oil is not suggested for teens or kids.

Why you should buy this

  • This face oil has an anti-aging formula.
  • It is made with vegan ingredients.

3. ELEMIS Superfood Nourishing Face Oil, 0.5 Fl Oz

Superfood is a nourishing face oil made by the famous brand ELEMIS. It is a lightweight item that absorbs the skin faster than any other face oil.

It is easy to apply this face oil. Also, it works to make the skin soft and strong.

The harm-free formula of this face oil decreases the wrinkles and fine lines. It makes the uneven skin tone looks even and vibrant.

There is an amazing fragrance of rose included in this oil. Besides, it won’t make the skin feel sticky.

This face oil is good for balancing the skin texture. It is a non-comedogenic oil that won’t clog the skin pores.

Instead, this oil will decrease the dead cells and make them rejuvenated. Additionally, it goes with all skin tones.

1. Goes perfectly with dry skin.
2. Nourishes the skin to make it firm.
3. It has an amazing fragrant of rose.
4. A non-greasy face oil.
5. Balances skin texture.
6. Decreases pores of the skin.
1. It is a bit pricey.

Why you should buy this

  • It absorbs skin easily.
  • It is the best oil for dry faces.

4. Philosophy take a deep breath oil-free oxygenating moisturizer, 2 Oz

Take a deep breath is an outstanding moisturizer manufactured by Philosophy. It is an oil-free item that is filled with skin moisturizing formula. This item will come in a gel form that goes perfectly with different skin tones.

This 5.6-ounce of face gel will go a long time. With proper application, this gel-cream will make the skin smooth.

It will decrease the irritation of dry skin and soothe it with its oxygenating formula. It also brightens the skin tone.

To remove the tiredness from the skin, this product works like a magic. Just apply it to dull skin and keep it overnight.

It will absorb the skin and make it nourished. Additionally, you can apply this oily gel twice a day.

1. A good item for dry skin.
2. It will come in oily gel form.
3. Matches with all types of skin tone.
4. It is a kind of oxygenating moisturizer.
5. Makes dull skin fresh and soft.
6. This face gel won’t clog the pores.
1. It won’t be perfect for oily skin.

Why you should buy this

  • This item will serve you longer.
  • It gives healthy skin without making it oily.

5. Dermalogica Phyto Replenish Oil (1.0 Fl Oz) Fast-Absorbing Smoothing Face Oil dor Dewy Skin – Hydrates to Smooth Fine Lines, Strengthen, & Sheild Skin

Phyto Replenish faces oil is an awesome addition to Dermalogica. This oil is manufactured with various natural ingredients.

It is free of danger and side effects and perfectly goes with every skin tone. Its 0.25 ounces bottle is a highly portable item.

This face oil is good for serving a long time. It gradually decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

It also protects the skin from free radicals and keeps it free of irritation. It does not make the face look oily as well.

This oil does not clog the pores as it is a non-comedogenic item.  Also, it’s free of paraben and gluten.

This professional-grade oil is just perfect for skin care. From normal to dry skin, use it twice per day and you will get the skin you wished for.

1. An effective formula for dry skin.
2. Soothes the skin from irritation.
3. Keeps skin safe from open radicals.
4. Decrease the dryness of the skin.
5. Don’t create any irritation.
6. Moistures the skin with natural elements.
1. Not so good for oily skin.

Why you should buy this

  • It defends the skin from open radical damage.
  • Decreases fine lines and makes the skin strong.

These face oils are suggested especially for dry skin. But some of these items are good for normal skin as well.

The best part is, these oils go with every skin tone and make the uneven skin even and smooth. So, it’s your choice which one you need for your skin.

Considerations before buying the best face oil for dry skin

Dry skin becomes drier with the changing season. It becomes hard and creates an itching problem during the winter period.

Therefore, dry skin needs effective skincare before facing much irritation. That’s why face oils are there to soothe irritation, harshness, and itching problem by making dry skin smooth and healthy.

However, some essentials need to be considered before purchasing the best oil for dry face. Those are as follows.

  • Brand: Brands have an attraction value. Branded products are not necessarily the best ones. But these products are free of danger because no brand wants to lose its brand value. Therefore, you can select a face oil from your favorite brand or choose the brands we have suggested.
  • Ingredients: Ingredients are the most important thing about a skincare product. Before you buy face oil, check out the ingredients that are used for making that product. If the ingredients are natural and harmless, you can go for that product. If not then you can select something else with vegan formula.
  • Cruelty-free: Not every product is made with safe materials. Products that include paraben, gluten, sulfate, etc. are seemed to be harmful to sensitive skin. So, choose a face oil that is free of cruelty and the mentioned materials.
  • Non-comedogenic: A comedogenic oil will clog the pores of the skin and defend the skin from taking enough oxygen. Instead, a non-comedogenic oil won’t clog the pores and help to take necessary oxygen. It will decrease the appearance of the pores as well. So, pick a non-comedogenic face oil.
  • Hypoallergenic: Different types of skins are allergenic to different types of components. For that reason, a hypoallergenic product is perfect for sensitive, oily, normal, or dry skin too. Thus, select a product that is free of allergenic components instead of facing any allergenic consequence.
  • Dermatologically-tested: For dry skin, a dermatologically tested product is suggested as a good one. As you will buy face oil, you need to choose a clinically tested product. It will defend your skin from free radicals. Also, you can pick a face oil based on the expert’s opinion. It will save you from further irritation.
  • Moisturizing Materials: Dry skin needs to be moist with skin-softening elements instead of being hydrated. That’s why a dry face needs face oil. Also, dry skin is a bit sensitive to some ingredients. You can pick the best face oil for dry sensitive skin that contains minerals, olive oil, and avocado oil instead of grapeseed oil. These oils are perfect for giving dry skins enough moisture.
  • Budget-friendly: Expensive products are not always the best ones. Also, a face oil that does not suit your skin is a waste of money. Additionally, every face oil won’t be budget-friendly. Therefore, it is better to do a little bit of research and pick a budget-friendly one before you purchase face oil.

These specifications are not the only things to consider before buying the best face oil for dry sensitive skin.

These are just the basic things that you should know whether you are a newbie or an expert face oil user.

In addition to these things, you can check out the people with dry skin. You can also take an expert’s opinion before choosing a product.


Skin is the largest part of a human being and the face is the loveliest part of a human body. Thus, it needs care and the best face oil for dry skin so that nothing can harm your skin.

However, it does not matter which brand you prefer and which one you pick.

The face oil suits your skin or not is the principal matter. Our suggested face oils are well and effective for keeping dry skin smooth and healthy.

These face oils are good for preventing future breakouts as well. Now, the final decision is yours to make. So, happy buying.

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