Best way to remove makeup before cleansing: Beginners Guide

Best way to remove makeup before cleansing

Who doesn’t want tender and bright skin? To keep youthfulness, skin must keep moist and also has to clean properly. We do make-up to show ourselves charming. But we have to remove it before cleansing it in the proper way.

Otherwise, It would be a major issue against our skin. When we sleep, our skin repairs its damage, and blood flow increases. That’s why, if we wear makeup while sleeping, the process gets jeopardized. May it possible to appear a lot of skin problems such as dryness, pimples, and wrinkle lines without cleansing our makeup properly.

Not only face make-up but also eye make-up have to remove properly with abide by cautiously. Sleeping with make-up can create problems like eye infection, irritation, decreasing eye leaves. So, take your time and go slow while removing your makeup.

1. Removing base makeup and blush

At first, with cleanser, the veil of concealer and foundation have to remove. Wiped out of all days dust and long time smearing moisturizes, sunscreen by using a cleanser. It can be a homemade or natural shop product-based cleanser.

Natural multi ingredients work nicely such as-

Cucumber essence: After blending green cucumber finely apply the whole face. It’s good for the skin and it soothes the skin as well

Grape essence: green grapes essence works very well to remove makeup.

Mashed potatoes essence helps to wipe. The same process can be applied as wiping eye makeup. Removing the under-eye black winkles works tremendously.

Ripe Tomato essence works as a natural bleach. Mixed its essence with a little Suzy and then can use it as a makeup remover and scrubber.

Mixing radish essence with rose water help wiped makeup. It’s too effective to remove skin spots.

Removing base makeup and blush

Filtered tart yoghurt and mix with a little bit of olive oil help to wipe make-up.

Without filtering it might be detrimental to the skin. This mixture can have to remove the lipstick using cotton.

According to the heaviness of your makeup, you may need 2 or 3 steps to wipe off your foundation and concealer.

First of all, pull back your hair with a hairband or ponytail and make sure there is no hair on your face.

Take enough amount of cleanser oil, homemade cleanser or coconut oil and apply it all over your face and move your fingers in a circular motion.

You can face wipes to remove the makeup but baby wipes are not enough to remove makeup from your skin because they are made for baby skin. Many women use baby wipes thinking that they are made for sensitive skin but baby wipes can not remove the heavy layers of makeup.

Your light makeup would be gone by now but if some remains then use a cotton pad or facial sponges. Use it on your chin, ear area and hairline and make sure foundation is removed from these areas.

If you are a performer or actor and tend to heavy bases of makeup, you may struggle with residual makeup. But no worries, you can clean it with an easy method and ingredient that is cold cream.

Apply a deep layer of cold cream to your face and wait for a few minutes. Wipe off the cream with a soft washcloth and you get rid of the makeup residuals. 

2. Removing eye makeup

To wiped eye makeup you can get some special remover according to the volume of your makeup and the type of your skin. Waterproof mascaras are preferable for a long day or party but these heavy eye makeup with waterproof mascara and eyeliner requires some extra effort to remove.

Removing heavy makeup needs oil-based remover because it can dissolve your waterproof mascara gently. If you have sensitive skin, then use a water cleanser that is also helpful for light makeup. If they are not available at hand can apply alternative remover as;

Baby oil, baby shampoo, baby wiper whose are free site effect because it is used for children soft skin. So it is very helpful to remove massy eye make-up.

First, take a small piece of cotton then wet it in water and wet it around the eye circumstances. Take some baby shampoo or oil in hand and rub surrounding the eyes. After that wash the eyes with slightly warm water. Baby wiper tissues also used the same work.

Removing eye makeup

One’s who are want to save time can apply moisturise.  Coated the moisturise cream or lotion and then see how it worked in an eye twinkling.

This has to apply only closed eyes otherwise it can possibly to make eye irritation.

After using moisturizer, has to clean the eye with a dry and clean cloth.

You can make easily homemade remover by having many types of oil like – coconut oil, olive oil, and also Vaseline for oil base remover.

By these, you can easily remove your makeup

Close your eye then apply it with cotton and then wash your face.+

Once you choose your preferred remover, you are ready for 3 steps eye makeup removing process:

Step 1: Soak your makeup remover pad with the eye makeup remover and hold it on your closed eyes for 20 to 30 seconds. Do not rub the pad now rather press gently, it will melt and absorb the makeup. As a result, it will enable you to remove it with the least possible rub.

Step 2: Now move your hand downward while wiping off the makeup. For better results, hold your eyebrows with the fingertips of your other hand and pull up. It will make the process more effortless while rubbing. Try not to rub harshly, that can cause irritation and wrinkles.

Step 3: Once done with this side of the pad, turn it and rub it against the eye in an upward motion. It will help to wipe off the remaining mascara and liner from the bottom of the eyelash. If still some mascara remains, use a clean mascara brush and moisturizer to gently brush the eyelashes.

3. Removing lipstick

We love wearing lipstick, different shades for different occasion or dress, it completes our look. But after returning home we try too hard to remove the waterproof matt lipstick that we end up tearing up lips. But in the right way, you can remove lipstick without damaging it.

You can use a balm cleanser lipstick remover for wiping off your lipstick. But don’t need to go for expensive products rather you can use petroleum gel or moisturisers from near drug stores. You can also use homemade products like pure coconut oil or milk, milk can moisturise lips.

Removing lipstick

Use your fingertip to put the petroleum jelly on your lip with a thick layer. This will not only allow removing lipstick but also moisturise your lips.

You can also use coconut oil but it may make it clumsy and spread in your face.

After applying, wait for five minutes, you can work on other parts of your face by this time.

The petroleum jelly will absorb the lipstick instead of peeling your lips. Now, press a cotton pad against your lips gently.

You can slowly move it around but don’t rub abruptly to avoid spreading it all over your face. Keep doing it until you remove most of it.

Lipstick should be removed by this time. But if it is stubborn then use a soft brush gently to clean the remaining lipstick. You can apply honey and sugar in your soft and wet brush to moisturize your lips. After that, you can use a lip mask on your lip to remove the dead skin cells but this part is optional.


Everyone wants healthy skin and it not extremely complicated to take care of skin. Remember to get rid of your foundation, mascara, lipstick before you go to bed. Use moisturizer, toner, or serum of your choice after cleansing your skin. Drink water and have enough sleep.

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