How to use facial oil: Beginners Guide

Who does not want to look beautiful? We all want that. For this reason, we all use cosmetics. In this case, there is no discrimination between boys and girls. People are using many kinds of things to nourish their facial skin. Facial oil is the most exceptional.

Not only moisturizing cream but also you can try facial oil to nourish your facial skin. If you don’t know how to use facial oil yet, you read this article fully. Today we are going to talk about how to use a facial oil.

What is facial oil?

Prior to that facial oil what about how to use a facial oil? we must ensure that we know about facial oil. If you don’t know what facial oil is and what kind of oil is used for the facial, you can’t do it. So, let’s know about facial oil.

A skincare oil product that moisturizes your skin with nourishment is called facial oil. As you can see, it had similarities between its name and job.

Specialists use many kinds of oil for facials. It depends on your skin type and which kind of oil you need for your facial. You can use Jojoba oil, Sunflower oil, Argan oil, Maracuja oil, Grapeseed oil, Olive oil, Coconut oil, etc. It’s all up to you who one you need.

How to use facial oil?

Now when we know about what facial oil is and what kind of oil is used for it, we have to know how to use facial oil. There are a few procedures to use a facial oil. The procedure of using facial oil is given below.

Clean up your skin.

If you want to use facial oil then you have to clean up your skin first. You have to clean up your face with any kind of scrub cleaner. You can try a scrub mask or face wash also. It is so important that before using facial oil you need to clean up your face.

Scrub mask or face wash clean-up will help you to remove dead cells and dust from your face. It also removes harmful germs and keeps your face fresh. For this reason before using facial oil you have to clean up your face property.

Use  moisturize

A complicated question is, which one came first? Egg or chicken? Using a moisturizer is kind of this question. Someone said you have to use moisturizer first and some others said no, you should use moisturizer after using facial oil. These two methods hesitate people too much. Now, Know it clearly, you must use moisturizer before you use facial oil.

For that, you need to choose a good moisturizer. If you use moisturizer or cream from before then it’s ok. But if you don’t use any kind of moisturizer then you should choose one. It’s all up to you which brand of moisturizer you want to use. But make sure that your moisturizer is formulated with hyaluronic acid and aloe vera water. If you don’t have any moisturizer then you can apply sun cream to your face.

Apply your oil.

When you are done with applying moisturizer, it’s time for using a facial and on your face. Onto the palm of your hand, take five or six drops of your oil. Now use your finger to dab the oil and apply it onto the area you cleaned before.

The necessity of using a face oil

You should be avoiding the eye area first. It’s time for the main job. Press smooths and gently onto your face. Smoothly massage the oil from your nose to ears, neck to the jawline, and eyebrows to the hairline.

You have to do this like a loop, do it sequencers. Continue this process until you are done with your job.

It was the process of how to use facial oil. If you follow this routine then you don’t have to go to a parlor for a facial. You can use facial oil at home properly.

At this point, we will know about other things. That is, how to use facial oil with makeup.

Yes, you read it right. We will tell you how you can use your facial oil with your makeup elements. It is another part of using facial oil. So, get ready for it.

How to use facial oil with makeup elements

All of this time we knew about how to use a facial oil. But now, we will know how you can use facial oil with your makeup elements. Actually, facial oil can be used in many ways. It is another way of using facial oil. The procedure of using facial oil with makeup is given below.

Mix facial oil with primer.

Makeup primer is a product that increases the brightness of your face and keeps it all day long. But sometimes it is the cause of dehydrated skin and rough skin. If you use your regular facial oil a few drops with your makeup primer then it will keep your face bright and moisturize your skin all day long. Mixing facial oil with your makeup primer gives your skin extra hydration.

Use before foundation

Ate is searching for another way to facial oil with your makeup routine? Then here it is. Using facial oil before the foundation is another best way to nourish your skin. If your skin is dry and you are facing problems using a foundation.

Then it will be very helpful to you if you use facial oil before applying foundation. Now the question is how you have to do it. It’s so simple. Take a few drops of facial oil on your palm, dab it and smoothly massage your face and neck.

Give two or three minutes to your skin to absorb the facial oil. After that, use your favorite branded foundation onto your face skin and enjoy a fresh and hydrated look all day long.

Mix with foundation

If dewy is your favorite then this tip is only for you. Otherwise, if you are thinking that you are using too much of your foundation, this tip will be very helpful for you. The procedure is you just have to mix a few drops of your facial oil with foundation.

That’s it. You have to apply the mix to your face. You know this process, nothing else to say about it. Using facial oil with foundation is not only a way of hydrating your skin but also will save your foundation much. It’s another unique way to give your skin nourishment.

You have now finished some of the most important uses of your facial oil. Think it will be helpful for you.

When to apply facial oil?

At all this time we knew only about how to use a facial oil. But, the main question is when you have to apply facial oil. It is another important topic of using facial oil. Okay then, let’s know about when to apply facial oil.

When you have to use facial oil

It depends on your face skin type. Because skin has its oil and skin sebum oil so many times in a day. So, if you add more oil during sebum, your face won’t be able to absorb extra oil. Before you use facial oil make sure that your face is not throwing out extra oil.

When you have to use facial oil

The secretion rate of sebum increases mostly at night and in the morning. But in the middle of the day, skin gets oilier.

If you keep your observation then you will be able to notice that after midday to evening skin is not throwing out oil highly.

In the evening before bedtime, sebum secretion gets low.

That was the time of sebum of our skin oil.

You already notice that from the middle of the day to evening and before bedtime is the best time for using facial oil.

But there is a talk, everyone’s sebum schedule is not the same.

Maximums are the same but some of the others have differences. When you are using facial oil then you have to make sure that your sebum time is declined. But, specialists say, the night is the best time for using facial oil. After all this information, we recommend that you use facial oil at the time when your sebum is declined.


Hope you understand everything about this. It will help you with your facial work. We tried to tell you enough things about how to use a facial oil and when to use it. We hope you like it.

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