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Nobody wants a dull and dead face to show everyone. A glowy, bright, and healthy skin lifts your whole day. Skincare is key to getting your skin to the level you want.

A proper exfoliating routine is the best form of skincare. However, we all want glowing and younger-looking skin and healthy skin also keeps you active the whole day.

To keep the skin bright, you need to take proper care. For that, exfoliating skin is a must.

Exfoliating removes the dead skin layer and generates new cells for a bright face. There are lots of products that are best for exfoliating, apart from following proper procedures for exfoliating, after exfoliation care is necessary.

But what to do after exfoliating face?

Post-exfoliating care includes few simple steps which can be done within a few minutes. You can follow the below process to get the best result. 

The benefits have also been mentioned, which will help you to justify your decision.

What to do after exfoliating face

What to do after exfoliating face?

If you search, then you would get hundreds of ways to do it after exfoliation care. This doesn’t need to include any physical activity.

It’s necessary to select the products carefully; otherwise, it may have the opposite effect and treat the skin gently.

There are some steps you should follow for good post-exfoliating care. The steps have been mentioned below:

1. To select the right products

As exfoliating requires selection of the best products for you, so does after exfoliating care. You should understand the type of your skin and act according to it while selecting products.

Moisturizers, sunscreen, and some other products are necessary for after exfoliating care which should choose carefully. Getting wrong products may cause harm to your skin which can be irreparable.

If you’re confused about how you can find the right product, then follow these steps:

Step-1: Know your skin type.

Step-2: Select the products which suit your skin type.

2. To keep the skin moisturized

The most important factor to emphasize is to keep your skin moisturized after exfoliating and, the skin must remain hydrated all the time. Repairing and other functions require the presence of the necessary amount of water.

Without water, important functions can’t be carried out and exfoliating face reduces the water content in the skin by damaging the dead skin cells. So, it is necessary to hydrate the skin after exfoliating. 

There are quite a few products that hydrate your skin, but Glycerin is one of the best in this case. Glycerin contains ultra-hydrating oils that allow you to deeply moisturize the skin after exfoliating.

Treat your face with a bit of Glycerin or coconut oil to keep your skin lively and hydrated. The process through which you should moisturize your skin is given below:

Step-1: Take Glycerin or coconut oil, or other hydrating oil in a bowl.

Step-2: Gently rub it all over your face using your hand.

3. Applying sunscreen

We know while exfoliating skin, the dead cells are removed, and new cells start growing. The new cells are pretty raw and can get harmed when exposed to heat. 

After exfoliating the face, the skin remains in a sensitive state. A little amount of heat can damage the new cell. Moreover, for certain people, it’s almost mandatory to apply sunscreen throughout the year.

The UV rays coming from the sun are a massive threat to the skin. 

When the skin is in a new condition, then UV rays are more of a risk. A massive amount of heat is also carried with it. All of these are bad for the skin, which results in damaging cells. UV rays can even cause skin cancer.

So, you should apply sunscreen that creates a layer on your skin, resisting heat and other harmful substances. Applying sunscreen after exfoliating is a must, or your skin may get damaged. 

Sunscreens containing chemical compounds should be avoided at all costs. The sunscreens, which contain soothing ingredients, are highly recommended.

Applying sunscreen every 2 hours of sun exposure reduces the amount of sun exposure. Applying sunscreen is one the easiest process. Here is how should do it:

Step-1: Take the sunscreen in a bowl or hand.

Step-2: Apply it all over your face.

Step-3: Rub it gently to mix it well.

Step-4: Apply after every 1-2 hours.

4. Resting the skin

It’s common sense that a newly born child needs more rest than an older one. Exfoliating creates new cells which require intensive care because they’re too sensitive. If proper care and rest aren’t given, then the skin will be dull and less oily. 

A short but proper time for resting should be given. This will allow the cells to grow and heal. Any sort of acidic ingredients shouldn’t be used because they increase irritation and create burns or other problems.

Use products that provide relief to the skin instead. So, sometimes it’s not necessary to carry out any physical work rather leave the skin alone.

5. To dry the puff

After exfoliating, the puff you used shouldn’t be left alone. Take the puff and let it dry for some time. If the puff is wet then various bacterias can develop in it.

Next time when you use that puff it may be rich in bacteria which will cause harm to your skin. So, it’s important to dry your puff every time after exfoliating.

These are some of the simple steps which you should abide by to compliment exfoliating and make your skin brighter and healthier.

Benefits of after exfoliating care

Is there any meaning to follow a process that doesn’t have any benefits? Exfoliating and after-exfoliating care has several benefits.

Both of them are as important as the other. You shouldn’t think that only exfoliating will be enough. The benefits of post-exfoliating care are:

1. Revitalizes the skin

New skin cells are produced for which rest and hydration are required. After-exfoliating care provides both of them which rejuvenates the skin.

The skin becomes lively as ever if proper care is taken.  Unclogging the pores reduces black and whiteheads. As a result, the skin becomes bright.

2. Hydrates the skin

Using a moisturizer after exfoliating is the most important part which has been mentioned above. The moisturizers provide the necessary amount of hydration to the skin.

Glycerin, coconut oil, other oils are the best moisturizers. New cells require hydration so it’s a very important factor.

3. Protects from harmful UV rays

Sunscreen protects skin from harmful UV rays. It also soothes the skin preventing irritation. The sun emits UV rays which are harmful to the skin.

The sunscreen creates a layer on the skin that reduces sun exposure by 50-85% if used every 2 hours. It helps prevent skin from massive damage due to UV rays.

4. Reduces risk of skin cancer

Cancer has become a threat, to say the least. Still, no proper medication has been discovered. To avoid cancer we need to take preventive measures.

Skin cancer is increasing every day mainly because of the UV ray being emitted all the time from the sun. Sunscreen reduces the risk of cancer by protecting the skin from UV rays.

5. Produces oily and healthy skin

Proper rest, moisturization, protection from harmful ingredients are part of post-exfoliating care. This makes the skin healthy because proper care is taken in every way.

All essential needs of skin including water are provided in the process. In the end, you’ll get healthy and vibrant skin.

After seeing all these benefits why would a person not be inclined to follow this process? They also help to reduce acne, blackheads, and whiteheads too.

It’s important to follow these steps and continue them regularly. If you stop doing it after 2 or 3 days and then again do it after 4-5 days then you won’t get the desired outcome.


Our appearance sets up our minds. A bright appearance keeps us cheerful and smiling the whole day. If we’re worried about how we look then we can’t enjoy that much. Having bright and healthy skins lifts our mood.

Dead and dull skin kills the beauty of a person. To rejuvenate the skin exfoliating and after-exfoliating care is the only option.

Everybody more or less knows about exfoliating but most people have confusion regarding what to do after exfoliating the face? Hope you’ll be benefitted by going through the article provided above.

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